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The FIT Cruise Food Program

Believe it or not, we at FIT love using the food service on our cruise programs.  Why, you ask?  Because when you're looking for variety and quality, cruise ships offer the ultimate dining experience.

Unfortunately, cruises have become synonymous with gluttony, overeating, and fattening and unhealthy foods. But this is more of an individual choice than an industry issue. Sure, if you want to overeat and load up on unhealthy food, you definitely have the option to do so. However, you also have the option to eat reasonably and responsibly on a cruise -- just as in everyday life.

Food service on a FIT cruise offers the perfect teaching tool on how to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle in your everyday world.  In most spa programs, you are constantly surrounded by healthy food choices. But when you return home, you are faced with the same temptations and unhealthy options you had before you left for vacation.   While these temptations are still available on a FIT cruise, we emphasize and teach the advantages of healthy choices in an unhealthy world. 

Life is all about balance. Our core mission on a FIT cruise is simple. We teach participants that foods full of sugar and fat can still be enjoyed, but in moderation, within a balanced lifestyle of exercise, stress free living, rest and relaxation, both in body and mind. Our goal is to have you experience and enjoy delicious and balanced cruise foods, while also learning and exercising portion control.