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Cruise Destinations

FIT Cruises has developed its signature program to all destinations that Celebrity Cruise Lines travels.  From 7 to 28 days wherever in the world your group wants to go we can do it there!  Cruise departures are available for groups of 10 or more participants.  Once your group has booked you have the option of increasing your participant numbers (for additional per person cost discounts) by having us open your tour to the general public by advertising your tour date as a regularly scheduled FIT Cruise date of departure.  Remember the more people you have on your tour the cheaper the per person cost!                                                                     

Call us for details and we can get you started on planning your groups FIT cruise

Alaska: Drink in the splendor of the Alaskan wilderness as you relax your mind, body and soul from our glass enclosed private yoga room. Bears, bald eagles and hump back whales breaking the surf; Mother Nature's favorite zoo roams as free as you will. From the breathtaking sights of Hubbard Glacier to the pioneering spirit of Juneau, FIT Alaska is an expedition in rekindling your hidden, untamed soul.

Explore this unspoiled land nestled between glacier and rain forest viewing North America's most noble creatures and natural wonders. It's all designed to get you refueled on inspiration.  This is your opportunity to take the adventure you always dreamed of. Witness dramatic displays of ice-shelves breaking off into icebergs. Visit cultures that have lived and loved the land for thousands of years. Marvel at moose and bear on the land, bald eagles soaring above, and humpback whales peacefully rolling with the sea. And gaze upon the backdrop of a million stars showcasing the miracle of the Aurora Borealis.

Europe: It's the region of 'Mosts': The most romantic cities, The most fashion forward, The most delicious foods. And the most sought after cruise destinations—Norway to Mykonos, France to Africa—delivered in a way that makes the most of your European vacation time.  Arriving for your Europe cruise, you’ll explore lands rich in romantic languages, classic architecture, food, art and music for one or multiple days at a time. Spend time enjoying centuries-old treasures on land and return to luxurious accommodations and our health programming onboard to restore the new you.

Caribbean: Enjoy some of the world's most visually stunning beaches, explore villages for unique treasures, or excite your inner adventurer on our land days with rainforest exploration, white water rafting, beach hikes and so much more . Finish the perfect day with invigorating core training and sumptuous seafood fare, as you watch the sun melt into the blue horizon.

It truly is paradise on Earth and with over 35 Celebrity ports and 42 itineraries to choose from, you can visit a different Shangri-La every day!

Asia: From bustling, modern cities to quiet, mist-shrouded jungles, the Far East is a place of beauty, history and mystery. FIT Cruises will transport you to Asia in magnificent, luxurious style. Visit nine breathtaking locations including Vietnam, Thailand, China, Bali and more. Sail between Singapore and Hong Kong with overnight calls in Bangkok, Thailand; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; and the majestic Halong Bay, Vietnam.

Experience the best of the Orient - from snorkeling amidst vibrant fish in Malaysia's turquoise waters to hiking the opulent royal palaces of Thailand. Asia provides a multitude of exhilarating experiences. Celebrity explores this graceful and mystical area of the world for the first time, starting in 2012.  Each port of call will take you about as far away from the everyday as you can get. Each destination is special and varied with its own rhythm, cuisine, culture and flavor.

Australia / New Zealand: It's more than koalas and kangaroos. It's an emotional impact of incredible modern architecture, fascinating aborigine and Maori culture, and miles of breathtaking coastlines.

Ascend into the mountains and ancient forests and experience the thrill of exploring active volcanoes. Cruise past the famed waves of Australia one day and surf on them the next. See the steaming belly of the Earth from the mouths of active volcanoes. Or dive deep into the magical underworld of the Great Barrier Reef, before stretching out on your veranda and watching the sun wash over Sydney's famed harbor. Our FIT land excursions are designed to offer you a wealth of awe-inspiring experiences.

Hawaii: From palm-fringed beaches and indescribable sunsets, to emerald green rainforests and thunderous volcanoes. Experience a land that is open and welcoming, yet marbled with mystery. Whether your vision of Hawaii conjures up images of moonlit beaches or dancers taming batons of fire, you'll see the Hawaii of your imagination and the Hawaii that will defy it.  Get unplugged from the world-wide-everything and recharge your life by hiking and relaxing on one of Hawaii's many world-famous beaches. Journey to the island waterfalls or heat things up with a volcano expedition. Hike through the rainforests full of tropical birds or snorkel with the fishes. Hawaii will be proof that paradise still exists.

Panama Canal: Travel through the locks of historic Panama Canal, on a journey between the Atlantic and the Pacific. Venture through the virgin rain forests and bird sanctuaries of Puerto Limon. Then explore the Mexican and Costa Rican rainforests and beaches.  Multiple ports will give your vacation a variety Quaint villages one day. Mayan ruins the next. Peppered with exciting beach trips and adventurous excursions both sailing above the trees and diving deep beneath the seas.

South America: Toss out the parkas and wool socks and head to warm, uninhibited South America. It's cities full of excitement with décor as colorful as the locals and music that will have you dancing in the streets. Then, there is the wild and untamed side of a different sort. Rain forests, wildlife and staggering mountain peaks that reach high into the sky. Buenos Aires, Cape Horn, the Falklands, Paradise Bay and Antarctica can all be a part of your South America cruise vacation.  You'll get the most out of visiting this exotic and diverse destination, stretching from the world's highest waterfall to the land's end in Tierra del Fuego. Bask in the living mosaic of inviting people, natural wonder and unforgettable moments.